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REGUPOL sonus multi

REGUPOL sonus multi

Acoustic Underlayment

A multi-family property, especially an apartment or condo building, is more than just a single family property on a larger scale. Owners face unique challenges like separating utilities, turnover, and tenant noise complaints. Sound travels easily in apartment buildings, and residents are sometimes bothered by their neighbor's normal living noise.  A common source of noise is the floor.  Property owners will often select materials like luxury viny tile (LVT) and plank (LVP)  for their consistency in look, easy maintenance, and cost efficiency. Owners love their look and feel. The drawback, of course, is sound transmission. Acoustic underlayments like REGUPOL sonus multi are a great option for reducing sound and adding comfort under luxury vinyl floors. It offers superior acoustics and durability over the life of the floor. 

We designed REGUPOL sonus multi to isolate various floor coverings from the main structure of the building, and in doing so, it reduces the transmission of footfall noise (i.e., people walking). It is a sustainable product made from pre-consumer polyurethane foam and cork elastomer bond with polyurethane. 

REGUPOL sonus multi in 3mm is factory sanded to eliminate knife marks encountered during product manufacturing and offers a flawless, smooth finish to bond approved flooring coverings, such as sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, carpet tiles, cork, and more. 

REGUPOL sonus multi 3

REGUPOL sonus multi 3 is a 3mm, factory sanded acoustic underlayment made from pre-consumer polyurethane foam and cork elastomer, making it ideally…

REGUPOL sonus multi

Whether as an acoustic underlay for hard surface floors such as ceramic tiles and marble or resilient flooring, REGUPOL sonus multi has proven its acoustical performance and durability in many different projects all over the world for more than 30 years.

This underlay is extremely versatile and easy to install. Outstanding resilience properties make sure that the high-performance impact sound insulation is maintained over years. Head to our test reports section to see its acoustical performance or ask our experts for more information.