Creation of sustainable urban living space

REGUPOL sonus and REGUPOL comfort

Impact sound insulation in living areas

How can we create a home in the heart of the city? Together.

Inner-city living can provide a vibrant and exciting lifestyle and a growing number of people are recognising the benefits of living in the heart of the city. However, they are also seeking truly liveable homes, that are comfortable, quiet, environmentally sustainable and representative of its occupants’ personal tastes.

But therein lies the challenge for developments situated within inner-city locales: high-density living that co-locates residents, businesses and transport networks within limited urban environments presents challenges associated with noise, especially impact sound transference within and between properties.

REGUPOL impact sound acoustic underlays address these issues in multi-residential developments with great efficacy because they are designed to dampen impact sound generated within and between adjoining properties.

Not only do they control impact sound, REGUPOL acoustic underlays allow aesthetic freedom. Some of us like tiles, some like carpet while wooden floors are incredibly popular, especially in apartments. REGUPOL can offer options for resilient floorcoverings, carpet, laminate, engineered timber floors, parquetry, solid timber, tiles and screed floors.

From an environmental perspective, REGUPOL underlays have represented an environmentally responsible choice for years and are well placed to help inner-city residents maintain high standards of sustainable home designs. 

Noise-control, aesthetic freedom and the ability to uphold sustainable living efforts are important factors that help to create a home in the heart of the city, and that’s why REGUPOL impact sound solutions are regularly installed throughout entire apartment complexes, worldwide.

Product highlights

REGUPOL sonus core

REGUPOL sonus core

Rubber-based impact sound insulation under screeds and floor coverings

REGUPOL sonus multi

REGUPOL sonus multi

Cork/PUR based impact sound insulation under floor coverings

REGUPOL comfort

REGUPOL comfort

Impact sound protection and elastic, mass-increasing levelling fill for refurbishing, renovation and timber construction

REGUFOAM hangers

REGUFOAM hangers

Highly efficient acoustic solutions for suspended ceiling systems

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