REGUFOAM dynamics is a closed-cell polyurethane foam with excellent dynamic properties and has been designed for challenging projects in the area of vibration isolation and building protection against vibrations.

The REGUFOAM dynamics range consists of five different types covering a wide load range up to 1.50 N/mm² and can therefore be used as an elastic bedding for various applications. Due to its closed-cell structure and the associated properties, REGUFOAM dynamics is suitable for areas indoors, outdoors and in water.  Thanks to a lower damping than mixed-cell polyurethane foams, higher isolation effects can be realised.

REGUFOAM dynamics materials have a low loss factor and preferably used when it comes to low frequency elastic bearings. The optimal product properties can be achieved by using the material in the range of its declared static load range. Exceeding this maximum load range will lead to a degressive deflection curve but will not cause a failure of the material.

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REGUFOAM FR is a mixed-cell polyurethane foam with fire-retardant properties and has been designed as a solution for vibration isolation in fire hazardous areas.

The REGUFOAM FR range consists of four standard types covering a load range up to 0.22 N/mm². REGUFOAM FR materials have been designed as elastic bearings in floor and wall construction for the rolling stock and marine industry. Other applications could include the vibration isolation in buses, cable cars, elevators or of various machines.

REGUFOAM FR do not contain any toxic substances or halogenated flame retardants. The products have been tested according to EN 45545-2 R10 and achieve the safest hazard level HL3. This makes REGUFOAM FR types suitable even for the use in sleeping coaches, passing through underground track sections or tunnels.

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REGUFOAM materials stand for excellent durability. Retrospective in-situ tests and reports from external laboratories prove the quality of this product range.

We support you in finding the most suitable product and solutions, provide drawings and installation plans as well as on-site support for the execution and installation stage. We are by your side from the first contact to the installed solution.

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