Structure-borne noise protection for the emergency room

Structure-borne noise protection for the emergency room

With its location on Rue Losserand in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, the Saint-Joseph hospital complex is characterised by exceptional transport links. The metro line 13, which runs six metres below the street, represents only one of the many existing public transport options. The construction of a new building for the hospital's emergency room, however, confronted everyone involved with an enormous sound problem - precisely because of the existing infrastructure. Because of the already very limited space due to the dense building development, the extension measure could not be realised anywhere else than in the basement and on the ground floor, directly at the edge of the traffic routes. This meant that, from a planning point of view, there was no other option than to provide the staff rooms less than three metres next to the metro tunnel.

Project overview

  • Building directly next to the Metrotunnel
  • Partial building base isolation

Building base isolation with REGUFOAM vibration plus

In the course of a vibro-acoustic investigation carried out by the acoustics office involved, a sound level of 40 dB(A) was determined when the metro passes by. To reduce the sound level, a vibration decoupling of the entire basement was proposed in cooperation with the site manager. Thanks to the good performance of the material, continuous monitoring of the work and complete coordination of all those involved on site, it was possible to reduce the sound level to 25 dB(A).

The decoupling by bearings made of the material REGUFOAM vibration plus led to a quietness in the staff rooms, which the end customer said he would not have expected due to the originally adverse circumstances. Due to the sound insulation achieved, unrestricted use of the premises is fully guaranteed.