REGUPOL sound and drain 22

Impact sound insulation

REGUPOL sound and drain 22

Impact sound insulation

The 15 mm thick impact sound insulation REGUPOL sound and drain 22 has a profiled underside and is ideally suited to a wide range of outdoor constructions on terraces, loggias, roofs and balconies.

REGUPOL sound and drain 22 is a versatile, 15 mm thick impact sound insulation layer with a profiled underside and a low dynamic stiffness of ≤ 21 MN/m3 which is used in a wide range of constructions on roofs and terraces. Depending on the specific build-up, the impact sound reduction value achieves between ∆Lw ≥ 28 dB and ∆Lw ≥ 37 dB.

REGUPOL sound and drain 22
Ikea West Station Vienna

Ikea West Station Vienna

With its greened facades, multi-purpose use and, above all, activated Vienna's new IKEA close to the West Station railway station is much more than just a furniture store, but a new meeting place in the heart of the Austrian capital. Besides the facades, the roof is the special…

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  • CE marking
  • Impact sound reduction ∆Lw ≥ 28 dB to ∆Lw ≥ 37 dB
  • Load bearing capacity up to 50 kN/ m²
  • Compressibility  ≤ 2 mm
  • Protective membrane DIN 18531-2

Technical Specifications


Polyurethane elastomer composite


Length 10,000 mm, width 1,250 mm, thickness 15 mm

Weight per roll

max. 81.0 kg

Weight per m²

max. 6.5 kg

Test reports

REGUPOL – the expert by your side

In REGUPOL, building acoustic specialists all over the world have an expert partner with many years’ experience in vibration isolation and structure-borne sound decoupling of machinery and buildings. The products of the REGUPOL vibration range are characterized by their outstanding durability. Successfully completed projects and expert opinions clearly document the quality of these materials.

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You have questions about our REGUPOL vibration isolation or impact sound insulation products? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Our experts are…

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