Public transport with a feel-good factor – Warsaw Metro

Public transport with a feel-good factor – Warsaw Metro

Metro stations and aesthetics: anyone could probably list several cities where the combination of the two seems to be mutually exclusive. In Warsaw, however, you actually experience a unique coexistence of public transport and feel-good atmosphere. With only two lines, the Warsaw metro network is very easy to understand, even for visitors to the city, and the visuals and colour scheme make it a pleasure to move around the stations.

Project overview

  • Decoupling of air-conditioning units

Avoiding additional noise sources through acoustic decoupling

Even the most beautiful appearance, however, does not make metro stations a quieter place. Trains entering and leaving the station generate vibrations and thus airborne and structure-borne noise. For this reason, the planners were concerned to avoid at least additional sources of noise. Therefore, REGUPOL vibration 300 was used to decouple the air-conditioning ventilation units in the five stations Rondo ONZ, Rondo Daszyńskiego, Świętokrzyska, Centrum Nauki Kopernik and Nowy Świat.