Spend the night on a former brownfield

Spend the night on a former brownfield

It is probably one of the most symbolic and unique places in all of Lyon: the "Les Docks" area on Quai Rambaud. The eight-hectare site is located on a headland, between the Saône and Rhône rivers, in the north of the city. To create an industrial and logistics centre, people drained the marshes here in the 18th century so that cargo ships could bring goods such as grain and sugar, coal and wood ashore. After being closed down in the 1960s and with the construction of a modern harbour platform, the docks lost their function. The buildings, such as warehouses and customs houses, silos and cranes, however, remained. At the end of the 2000s, it was decided to revitalise the industrial wasteland. Since then, the area has undergone an enormous transformation. The result is a district that is all about culture and leisure.

Among other things, the MOB Hotel was built in a very special location. It was built in the front part of the headland, where the Saône flows into the Rhône. Another special feature of its location is its direct proximity to the railway infrastructure, as the railway line runs right next to the hotel. The planners of the building were therefore faced with several challenges: The "Les Docks" district was to be visually enhanced, which is why a lot of emphasis was placed on the aesthetics of the building's outer shell, but the vibration problem caused by the railway could not be neglected either. In order to take the latter into account, it was finally decided to support the building on REGUFOAM vibration.


Project overview

  • From brownfield to cultural and leisure centre
  • Exceptional hotel concept
  • Building base insulation with REGUFOAM vibration

Building base insulation for unrestricted comfort

The MOB Lyon has become an exceptional hotel. It has 99 rooms and a bio-restaurant, pop-up stores as well as coworking spaces and a roof terrace. All functional areas captivate with a unique look while offering unrestricted comfort and space for any requirements. The elastic mounting with REGUFOAM vibration ensures that the guests' stay is not impaired by unwanted vibrations and structure-borne noise.