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How will we keep hotel noise to a minimum ? Together.

For city hotels, a central location and close proximity to transportation are key. Hotels need to offer popular amenities like onsite parking, a fitness center, bar and lounge areas, and dining-to name just a few. Apart from room quality and cleanliness, which are absolute musts for all types of travelers,  guests expect peace and quiet. Thin walls, loud neighbors, partiers, and construction work can make or break a hotel guest experience. 

With noise emitted from a range of sources — traffic, voices, the bustle of a lobby bar, or the sounds of hotel  infrastructure like stairwells, elevators, and mechanical systems— all with a different frequency of sound, combating noise is one of the most complex to solve. 

Designers are faced with the task of anticipating and addressing the complex interplay of airborne, impact, and structure-borne sound from various of sources. As a long-standing partner, we offer you reliable planning support, high performance products, and a great range of acoustics solutions that free up your design options.

Our REGUPOL sonus range of  acoustic floor underlayments are perfect for underneath screed and other floorassemblies. Additionally, our REGUPOL sonusclips enable you to reduce noise transmission through wall assemblies. We offer solutions for both new construction and renovations. 

REGUPOL sonus core

REGUPOL sonus core

Rubber-based impact sound insulation under screeds and floor coverings

REGUPOL sonus curve

REGUPOL sonus curve

Cost-effective solutions for vibration isolation and structure-borne sound decoupling

REGUPOL sonusclips

REGUPOL sonusclips

Resilient sound insulation clips for drywall constructions


with REGUPOL and REGUFOAM vibration

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