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REGUPOL sonusclip SC100 and sonusclip DE90

The REGUPOL sonusclip SC100 and sonusclip DE90 reduce sound transmission through interior walls and ceilings. The sonusclip SC100 is used to attach gypsum wall board (GWB) while the sonusclip DE90 is used to resiliently mount wall framing, ceiling systems, and fixtures. The rubber isolators absorb vibration, improving the acoustic performance of the assembly.  Both the sonusclip SC100 and sonusclip DE90 can support a maximum load of 36 lb/clip or two layers of 5/8" GWB at 24" x 48" on center. And, REGUPOL sonusclips are UL listed for more than 90 wall and ceiling assemblies.

REGUPOL sonusclip DE90

REGUPOL sonusclip DE90 is a resilient sound isolation clip used to decouple wall framing, ceiling systems, and fixtures.

REGUPOL sonusclip SC100

REGUPOL sonusclip SC100 is a resilient sound isolation clip used to attach gypsum wall board (GWB) to interior walls and ceilings. Approved for use in…

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REGUPOL sonusclips

Whether it is an entertainment center with cinemas and theatres or educational buildings like libraries, sound and vibration from internal noise sources like adjacent auditoria, bars, restaurants and shopping malls as well as nearby building service equipment need to be kept at a minimum to ensure the experience and comfort that is expected.

REGUPOL used its long-term expertise to develop products for effective box-in-box designs that are needed to decouple an auditorium from its surroundings. High performance sound de-coupling systems for walls and ceilings are essential to provide excellent sound isolation.