REGUPOL sonusclip SC100

Resilient Sound Isolation Clip

REGUPOL sonusclip SC100

Resilient Sound Isolation Clip

REGUPOL sonusclip SC100 is a resilient sound isolation clip used to attach gypsum wall board (GWB) to interior walls and ceilings. Approved for use in over 90 UL designs.

Flanking noise is the most common cause of acoustic failure in buildings.  The acoustics of any room will undoubtedly improve with floor underlayments, however, lets not forget that walls and ceilings left untreated have the potential to transmit flanking noise. The easiest and most efficient way to improve the acoustics of a ceiling or wall partition is with the use of resilient sound isolation clips like our REGUPOL sonusclip SC100. It is specially designed to reduce sound transmission through interior walls and ceilings.

REGUPOL sonusclip SC100


  • Increases STC (airborne) and IIC (impact) ratings
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Decreases noise transmission between spaces
  • Helps prevent flanking noise paths
  • Supports maximum load of 36 lb/clip
  • UL fire tested and approved

Technical Specifications

Design Load

36 lb/clip

Total Deflection




Use on Walls


Use on Ceilings


VOC Treated


Recylced Content


Test reports

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