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How will we successfully refurbish buildings? Together.

The key to building sustainable cities is intelligent densification, efficient use of existing buildings, and the conservation of finite resources. Increasing the refurbishing rate rather than constructing new buildings is an important factor in the efforts of cities and municipalities to achieve their future ecological and economic goals. 

Old buildings often do not provide energy efficient structures or sufficient sound control. In contrast, more and more cities aim for an increased sustainability and a better living quality. That is why not only increased energy efficiency is being promoted but also acoustic insulation measures are being implemented. At the same time, architects, developers, and consultants are facing other challenges like the limited floor heights and lightweight structures.

REGUPOL core or REGUPOL sonus curve floor underlayments take up minimal space and greatly contribute to noise reduction and the improvement of living quality. Additionally, our REGUPOL sonusclips efficiently reduce noise through wall and ceiling assemblies. We will help you meet the most stringent acoustical requirements. 

REGUPOL sonusclips

REGUPOL sonusclips

Resilient sound insulation clips for drywall constructions

REGUPOL sonus core

REGUPOL sonus core

Rubber-based impact sound insulation under screeds and floor coverings

REGUPOL sonus curve

REGUPOL sonus curve

Cost-effective solutions for vibration isolation and structure-borne sound decoupling


with REGUPOL and REGUFOAM vibration

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