Impact sound insulation for roof terraces

REGUPOL acoustics

Roof terrace

How will we turn a roof into something special? Together.

Roof terraces are popular places to meet. Cleverly used and soundproofed, they are attractive destinations for tenants or locations for restaurants, bars, and other modern concepts.

Everything from a star-lit sky lounge and an extra-large barbecue in a fashionable restaurant to hotel roof gardens and terraces can now be found atop skyscrapers. REGUPOL sound and drain impact sound insulation provides peace and quiet in the living spaces below. 

In addition to its acoustic properties, REGUPOL sound and drain acts as a protection layer to the roof membrane and offers water drainage properties. Let us support you!

REGUPOL sound and drain

REGUPOL sound and drain

Elastomer-based impact sound protection for various constructions on rooftops, terraces, loggias and balconies

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