REGUPOL soundproofing and vibration isolation

REGUPOL sonusfit

REGUPOL sonusfit

How can we incorporate gyms into modern buildings? Together.

Adding a fitness center amenity to your building is a great way to attract new tenants and keep existing tenants happy. But gyms in mixed-use buildings pose substantial acoustical challenges.

From the jarring noise of dropped weights and slam ball sessions to group exercise classes set to a thumping bass beat, today’s most popular fitness environments create to a lot of noise. Neighbor’s above, adjacent, and especially below, find the noise intolerable. Successful control of this type of noise requires careful planning and often specialty construction techniques.

At REGUPOL, we have an incredible lineup of acoustic flooring to help control unwanted noise transferring from one space to another, and ways to keep vibration in check. We tailor sound insulation designs to each application, based on its type, scope, intensity, and building structure. Our experience includes fitness centers in multi-family, mixed-use, retail, malls, corporate offices, and more. For sound advice on gym noise and vibration, trust REGUPOL acoustics.

REGUPOL sonusfit – making gyms quiet

REGUPOL sonusfit m 520
Formerly REGUPOL AkustiPro ML-70

REGUPOL sonusfit m 520

High-Performance Multi-Layer Acoustical Fitness Flooring

REGUPOL sonusfit range

The REGUPOL sonusfit range combines decades of experience in the field of acoustics with equal experience in the field of fitness flooring. It was designed especially for refurbished and newly built fitness studios in a mixed-use builidng to reduce vibration, sound, and noise transfer. This is achieved by combining damping elastomers with REGUPOL aktiv, a long-proven surface for fitness applications. Elastomers with different dampening and spring properties combine to create an optimal training surface when extreme sound proofing and shock absorption are necessary. 

The REGUPOL sonusfit range has been acoustically tested and can be adapted accordingly to the different loads that occur in gyms. Hence, the portfolio can provide the right concept for all different areas, from cost-effective standard products for lower loads right up to customized special solutions, tailored to the specific training and noise protection requirements. No matter if it is the cardio section, the freeweight area or a Crossfit Box, REGUPOL sonusfit is the right solution to reduce sound and vibration transmission effectively.