RhönFit TherapyCenter Dermbach

RhönFit TherapyCenter Dermbach

The RhönFit TherapieZentrum in Dermbach has been in existence since 2007. Since then, owner Andreas Bertsch and his team have been offering clients and patients first-class treatment options in the areas of occupational and physiotherapy as well as speech therapy.

A small gym completes the offer next to the treatment rooms. The studio quickly became very popular, so it quickly became clear that the premises would have to be expanded.. Andreas Bertsch decided to add a storey to the building in order to be able to build a new and significantly larger gym above the treatment rooms.

In order to be able to offer treatments in the basement and training on the upper floor at the same time, the issue of sound insulation played an important role in the planning.

How do we achieve high customer satisfaction with our REGUPOL sonusfit products?

The project was managed by Adrian Kasperek, Sales Manager REGUPOL Sports Flooring, and Maximilian Schroeder, Business Development Manager REGUPOL Acoustics.

"After taking stock of the actual situation on site, as well as the associated subjective tests with different systems, it quickly became clear that acoustic measures were necessary. Protection needs of the treatment rooms under the gym, which require a particularly high level of quietness, were also taken into consideration.  In addition to the subjective perception, the structure-borne sound levels were also recorded in order to be able to offer an additional objective decision-making parameter.", says Adrian Kasparek.

Customised solution for the customer

Maximilian Schroeder, who was involved in this project on the part of REGUPOL Acoustic, comments on this successful project with the words: "After evaluating the tests and a follow-up meeting with Andreas Bertsch we recommended a customized solution for the customer, the REGUPOL c-series.  For this purpose, a screed isolating system was calculated in order to isolate especially the low, disturbing frequencies. By using a strip decoupling with REGUFOAM vibration, the screed system was tuned to approx. 12 Hz. The system was completed by the easy and quick to install REGUPOL sonusfit t 110, which ensures that the energy input is already significantly reduced before it hits the screed. The REGUPOL everroll gym floor covering, which was laminated at the factory, fulfilled the customer's visual as well as sports functional wishes and requirements.." 

High customer satisfaction with REGUPOL sonusfit

Andreas Bertsch, the owner of the RhönFit TherapieZentrum, is very satisfied with the result: "The floor is awesome, it was exactly the right decision. We hear absolutely nothing in the therapy rooms, the gym has turned out perfectly. Our membership has already doubled in eight weeks and everyone is thrilled. Many thanks to the REGUPOL team for the good advice and support." 

"Of course, we like to hear such words from the customer. With our REGUPOL sonusfit solution, there is no need to cut back on therapies and treatments on the first floor or training on the upper floor.  The key to our success is active involvement of the customer." says Maximial Schroeder finally, about this project. "This ensures that customer wishes are taken into account and that a customised solution can be installed for the customer.," adds Adrian Kasparek.