REGUFOAM vibration 740plus

Vibration isolation

REGUFOAM vibration 740plus

Vibration isolation

The approved material REGUFOAM vibration 740plus is used in the load range up to 0.60 N/mm². Depending on load and material thickness, natural frequencies of 9 Hz can be achieved.

REGUFOAM vibration 740plus is a mixed-cell polyurethane foam, engineered for vibration and structure-borne sound isolation. The material can be used in multiple layers for increased acoustical performance. 

REGUFOAM vibration 740plus


  • Approved by building authorities
  • Provides damping, decoupling, and absorption
  • Load range up to 0.60 N/mm²
  • Natural frequency of down to 9 Hz
  • Minimal material deflection

Technical Specifications


Mixed-cell polyurethane foam


Length: 4'11-1/16" (1,500 mm)
Width: 3'3-3/8"(1,000 mm)
Thickness: 1/2" and 1" (12.5 mm and 25.0 mm)


1/2": 31.3 lb/roll (1.95 lb/sqft)
1": 62.6 lb/roll (3.89 lb/sqft)

Load Capacity

Max static load: 88.0 psi (0.60 N/mm2)
Max dynamic load: 870.2 psi (6.00 N/mm2)

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In REGUPOL, you have a partner with many years' experience in solving noise and vibration problems. The products of the REGUFOAM vibration range are characterized by their outstanding quality and durability. 


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